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Sometimes you find yourself in this sweet spot where you ask yourself " Why am I doing what I'm doing " 

You have these feeling inside of your chest and realize " I thought when have all of this things then I might be happy " 

You look at yourself an realize  that your thoughts and your feelings are just driving crazy sometime und u fell freaking horrible

" I thought this would be life, having it all and then being happy at the end of the day " But where is your happiness ? 

Where u can find it ? 

When was the last time that you felt deeply loved by yourself ? 

We as humans think sometime " Oh when I have the money: then I feel worthy, when I have this relationship then I can feel endless love and I will feel good in my body, oh when I will have this project running then I will feel perfect." 

dont want to crash your whole world but this face will do so : I dont now who was the first person who teached us this but this is a freaking LIE ! 

Its not true ! 

You can have it all and still feel like SHIT ! 

But why ? Why am I feeling this inside of my chest ? 

Because u came here to learn the essence of LOVE ! You came here to teach yourself how to love u in this moments. 


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